Specialist in steel and alloy solution

Finishing Plate

We provide detail-oriented steel cutting services with clean cuts and accurate angles. Our finished pieces are processed by cutting-edge technology imported from Japan, upholding high standards to meet your requirements.

Heat Treatment Service

At JT Special Steel, vacuum heat treatment is used. We put a lot of care and attention into all processes to ensure that all finished pieces are clean, smooth, and have consistent strength both on the inside and outside. 

Tools Steel Product

JT Special Steel Co., Ltd. positions ourselves as the leading distributor of high quality steel. We select the best steel from internationally certified sources. 

Our products range from cold work tool steel, hot work tool steel, plastic mold steel, high speed tool steel, ball & roller bearing steel, machinery steel, and carbon steel, to mild steel which are supplied to a variety of industries. No matter what purpose the steel is required for in each industry, JT Special Steel provides a wide selection of top quality steel to match the specifications at a reasonable price and friendly services. 

Alloy Steel Product

We offer aluminum alloy of many grades for customers to choose and use as a replacement for steel.

Since aluminum alloy shares the same strength as steel but is more lightweight and can be composed with or plated with a range of elements to enhance its efficiency, it is widely used to make machinery parts, molds, airplane parts, electronic pieces, and many more.

Why Choose Us ?

JT Special Steel products are a combination of the Company’s years of expertise and experience in the field. We go over and beyond to make sure that customers are satisfied with our products and services.

As honesty and sincerity are our values, it is our mission to provide customers the finest quality of steel which we carefully source and process with the latest technology, certified with German standards.

Standard & Certificate

JT Special Steel Co., Ltd. is recognized for our world class products made with strict quality control and the finest attention to detail.

Professional Experience
Our team of professionals are more than welcome to take care of customers from product recommendation to delivery.

Quality Control
JT Special Steel’s high quality products are certified with ISO 9001:2015, meaning that customers can feel fully assured that their decision is investment worthy.

Warehouse & Logistics
Our Company’s warehouse has a standardized storage system; JT Special Steel’s inventory is stored systematically enabling the delivery process to run smoothly, quickly, and be shipped directly to your place in a punctual manner.


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