About Us

Business Performance

“JT Special Steel understands how essential steel is to build a strong structure. We have made it our mission to supply high quality steel to customers at a fair price and satisfying services.”

Undeniably, Steel is a material that plays a major role in our everyday lives whether we are aware of it or not. Looking around us, we are surrounded by steel; from tiny parts within necessary devices, to the items we use everyday, to huge buildings and structures, steel is present. It also is essential to the industrial field because of its strength and versatile usages. JT Special Steel Co., Ltd. was established to source high quality steel of a variety of grades and supply it to these industries at a reasonable price and satisfactory services.

JT Special Steel Co., Ltd. imports and distributes special grades of steel with German standards to meet the requirements of our customers. We are devoted to becoming leader of the steel market with all-round services and excellent reputation. 

The Company’s pride comes from knowing that, by supplying high quality materials to support businesses, we are helping to propel Thailand’s industries forwards. We are also proud of how we are improving the people’s quality of life with our goods.

Group of Company

We are fully support all industries with their steel demands efficiently no matter how challenging the requirements are.

JT Special Steel Co., Ltd. is an affiliate of Juthawan Co., Ltd., an enterprise comparable to the country’s steel and stainless steel hub. With over 4 decades of expertise in the field, we have accumulated knowledge and experience that is impossible to replicate. These know-hows have been passed on here, making us ready to fully support all industries with their steel demands efficiently no matter how challenging the requirements are. 

Why Choose Us ?

JT Special Steel products are a combination of the Company’s years of expertise and experience in the field. We go over and beyond to make sure that customers are satisfied with our products and services. As honesty and sincerity are our values, it is our mission to provide customers the finest quality of steel which we carefully source and process with the latest technology, certified with German standards.

Professional Experience

Our team of professionals are more than welcome to take care of customers from product recommendation to delivery.

Quality Control

JT Special Steel’s high quality products are certified with ISO 9001:2015, meaning that customers can feel fully assured that their decision is investment worthy.

Warehouse & Logistics

Our Company’s warehouse has a standardized storage system; JT Special Steel’s inventory is stored systematically enabling the delivery process to run smoothly, quickly, and be shipped directly to your place in a punctual manner. 

Look Beyonds

Constant development to become a well-rounded enterprise

JT Special Steel Co., Ltd. is constantly improving our products and services to be no.1 in the industry. We aim high and will find the best innovation and services for our customers.

Service Area

We fully understand how diversely steel is used in the industrial sector.

Therefore, JT Special Steel Co., Ltd. uses our experience to preselect quality steel from sources certified with global standards to specially respond to each demand. 


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